EFT Testimonials

I am very grateful for your expertise in EFT. It’s easy and simple – but it takes an experienced practitioner to make a real difference. There are a lot of subtleties that only intuition and experience teach you, so I am grateful I have had you and not someone else, because there is a big difference! Thank you for giving me such a great introduction to how powerful and wonderful EFT can be…I have decided to be a EFT Practitioner!

Lisa B

I am still floored by my session with you! I was open-minded going into it, but as you could probably tell, a bit skeptical. I never expected something like this to work for me, and I haven’t felt this great in years!
 Since our session, I’ve been tapping on emotional eating, food cravings, and anxiety/stress. So far, I haven’t had one episode of emotional overeating.  I was able to calm myself from two stressful situations, and I feel much more focused and energetic. I haven’t started incorporating my workout back into my daily routine yet, because I’m letting a foot injury heal before I jump back into things.  It’s only been a few days, but I feel like this could really be a permanent change for me, for the first time ever! Thank you!

After working with you with EFT, I passed a total of 9 out of 10 exams during midterms!! I’m very happy with this turnaround in results here! I’m sill somewhat shocked and amazed that this happen to me! I guess the universe has a way of making things happen even when the odds seem grim. This could not have happened without your assistance and the powerful tapping session we had. Thanks again Annie.

John B, Doctor of Chiropractic Candidate, 2015

Fighting a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis at a young age caused me tremendous stress and anxiety. Prior to my diagnosis I never experienced anxiety and was unaware of how crippling and debilitating it could be. I couldn’t do my regular day to day activities and I fell into total despair at the thought of having to feel this way…on top of already having to deal with such a serious diagnosis. My oncologist prescribed pills but they caused me to feel totally sedated and drugged and that was such an uncomfortable feeling. It wasn’t until I was referred to Annie and introduced to the EFT Tapping technique that my anxiety subsided and I felt a total shift in my mental state. I finally felt “normal” for the first time in quite some time. Annie was so supportive and knowledgeable (being a breast cancer survivor herself) and through the tapping I was able to become grounded and more conscious and aware. In addition to the anxiety, I had life and death decisions to make and the tapping provided the mental clarity I needed to make the decisions that I had to make.

Discovering Annie and her gifts, were nothing short of a blessing. She is a true angel that the Universe sent me in such a time of need and I am so grateful for her, her guidance and for the strength and clarity that EFT provided for me. I continue my sessions with Annie as needed but also implement the tapping techniques whenever I feel the anxiety or emotional baggage piling up. It’s such a valuable tool to have and I HIGHLY recommend Annie and EFT to anyone who needs emotional support or relief from anxiety or stress. THANK YOU ANNIE!


I cannot tell you how much improvement I have experienced personally after our session. It is difficult to articulate the exact changes or feelings, but the best way I could describe it is that I just don’t have the “emotional charge” from the thoughts and
beliefs I had struggled with. It feels like a release of negative energy. I did have some doubt as to whether the positive effects would last and I am happy to report that they have continued.
Again, I cannot thank you enough for your help and guidance. I feel like you have given me tools to use in order to be more effective and go in a positive direction.

Laura P

Annie has been a God send for me…a great Spiritual teacher, mentor and friend. I started sessions with her in January 2013 when I was 38 years old. In these two years with the help of tapping and hypnotherapy, Annie helped me get rid of so much baggage I didn’t know I was carrying alone all my life. Only after a few sessions, for the first time in 2013, I started realizing what genuine happiness feels like. Now…I’m confident, mentally strong and a happy woman. I keep taking tapping sessions with Annie at least once a month so that I can continue to be in good shape mentally and emotionally. I’m eternally thankful to Annie for all her help in realizing my true potential.
Thank You Annie!


I just wanted to thank you again for the incredible session today. Like I said, it amazes me how the emotion connected to a statement can change so drastically.
I will continue to use the tools that you gave me today and will definitely be in touch if I feel I need a “boost”.


I just wanted to let you know how much that session “unplugged” me, and helped release my stuck-ness. The ideas have been flowing thick & fast, and I’ve been writing non-stop!  It’s absolutely brilliant & I know that is in no small way due to what we worked on!  Your mantra of “simple, easy & clear” has been echoing in my head, too.

Gala D.

My fiancé and I were having a relationship problems that we were unable to resolve our issues. This was due primarily to us not knowing the root causes. When we first looked up EFT, we were skeptical it decided to give it a chance. At this point the issue was going to be resolved or the relationship was going to end. When we met Annie she was very welcoming and explained to us how most problems are simply symptoms of a deeper rooted problem. My fiancé was really hesitant about this but we willing to try it because she truly wanted to change and have a healthier relationship. Eventually, Annie helped my fiance open up and after two sessions our relationship is stronger than ever. It is now about six months after and we are about to get married in a few weeks. EFT and Annie saved our relationship.


Just a short note to say thanks for our recent EFT session.  I have tried EFT on myself several times to no avail, so I must admit to being a bit skeptical when we began, but…..no longer.  I particularly liked how you zeroed in so quickly on “my issues.”  If you recall, I said to you at one point during the session, “You don’t waste any time, do you.”  I very much appreciate that.

Your observations were like a scalpel in the way they quickly and cleanly got to the roots.  About half way through the session – or earlier – I knew we were on to something.  And by the time I left I felt light, clear, calm and peaceful – just what I was looking for.  And the best part….it’s lasted for several days so far.

Randy Beranek

I can’t believe the results I’ve had working with you!  The first meeting you helped me get free of the obstacle around raising my prices.  After that one session, I raised my prices and began booking every client that came to meet me.  It’s forcing me to raise them again!

My next session I came to work on my emotions that were preventing my wife and I from conceiving.  A few weeks later she got pregnant.  It feels like what you do is magic.  You certainly have the magic touch.
It’s truly remarkable how effortless the process was and how quickly I achieved results.  I did not expect immediate success, but that’s what I get from you, every time.
Thank you, Annie.


Last month, I made an appointment with you to address my fear of the dentist, and I wanted to share the results following my session with you.  Immediately after leaving your office, I felt like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  It was such a beautiful early spring day outside that I walked up to work and noticed how my neck and shoulders were relaxed — normally they are where my stress is concentrated, always so tight and in knots.  I felt this sensation of lightness in my mind as well; I truly felt like the energy in my body was finally moving again, after it had been blocked for so very long.

It took me about a week to process the thoughts and emotions from our session, and I gathered the courage to make an appointment with the dentist.  Before I made the call, I did a few rounds of EFT along with some of the affirmations we went through.  This helped me stay calm, unfearful and “in the moment.”  My appointment went well, as did a follow-up the week afterwards, at which time we scheduled the oral surgery I needed so much.

Yesterday I had the surgery I’ve waited 10 years for, and it was a success — I got through it without any of the extreme anxiety and cyclical negative thinking that have kept me trapped in a fearful place for so many years.  On the way in to the dentist, it actually felt strange that my stomach wasn’t churning, that I wasn’t racked with fear, and that my mind was so clear, calm and focused.  For once, it felt strange not to be afraid, as I had been for so very long!  What a wonderful new sensation this was.

It’s almost impossible to put into words how different I feel with this enormous burden gone from my life.  The 90 minutes I spent with you helped change my life for the better, and I am truly grateful for your help!  That session was the start of a journey to heal myself, to put my past behind me and find healthy ways to deal with my emotions.  I know I still have much work to do, but I can finally see a light of hope at the end of the tunnel, and it is getting brighter and brighter.  Thank you so much for helping me find the power to heal, the power to face my fears and overcome them — you’ve made a tremendous impact on my life, and I am so thankful.

Brian G

EFT is one of the most powerful technologies for change and personal development that I am aware of, and Annie Siegel uses it in her practice with great caring and skill. After my first session with her, I knew right away that she was more effective than any therapist I had seen before. I have worked with Annie mostly in the area of relationships. My relationship with my mother and my confidence with women have both improved dramatically as the result of working with her. I have had deep feelings of shame, guilt, and anger associated with sex, and she has helped me clear these feelings. I am deeply grateful to Annie for her help, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who has been trying to make changes in their life but has discovered that they can’t do it alone.

David Elsbree

Last week, when I was talking with my dear friend Annie Siegel Alexander, I shared with her about a personal challenge I was having. It concerned my first cousin, female, and this awful, hurtful email that I received last year from her. In the email, amongst other cruel things, she told me never to contact her again, and she was writing me out of her life. I was devastated.
About eight years ago she gave me this beautiful menorah to light on Chanukah and even though I love the menorah I found it difficult to look at, let alone light, for it made me think of that awful email.
Annie said we should Skype and Tap and so we did. In the middle of our EFT session Annie said something so profound that it changed the way I looked at the menorah. She said, “when you look at the menorah remember that happy time and the love that your cousin had for you back then”. That statement made such a difference in the way I looked at my challenge that I have been able to light the menorah for the past three nights, five more to go, and remember the love that my cousin had for me.

Thank you Annie for helping me to change the way I looked at that challenge and move forward. I love you very much.

Lorre D.

I just want to say my presentation was perfect!! I did feel calm, comfortable and relaxed and everyone loved it including my boss!!!!! I am so proud of myself………….Thank you, Thank you and Thank you! Jen Gaum

What a exhilarating feeling to know that I will never smoke again! Your one, stop smoking session has changed my life. I no longer have the stress and anxiety over quitting, then breaking down and smoking again. Now it’s time to enjoy the rest of my life smoke FREE!
Thanks so much!
Ann Feldman

Annie… Just wanted to let you know our last session really worked for me! I haven’t come near to a piece of chocolate in weeks!! really amazing! 🙂
thanks Emilie
Hi Annie
Whenever I think about how great my life is and/or whenever I do or think about EFT you are in my thoughts.  Before I met you, EFT was basically a good concept.  You showed me that it is a practice that actually works!


Hi Annie,
Just to let you know, I slept more soundly than I have in ages! Especially considering my early start.
Thanks so much for your wisdom and hope to see you soon.


Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do!  The first night was still a little rough.  I woke up and was agitated for a little while, but unlike in the past, I was able to go back to sleep!  My husband had to check to see if I was alive in the morning as I slept through the alarm!  Last night I woke up a few times for just a moment, but by humming happy birthday (I don’t know why I decided to do that in particular, but it worked) and counting to 5 a couple times I went back to sleep!  A miracle. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I am telling everyone I know all about you. : )


Dear Annie
I have been delaying this follow-up note to you, wondering whether things might “wear off” since our session, but the changes have been extraordinary.   My alcohol craving is completely gone … the same half-full bottle of wine has been sitting in my fridge for over a week, and I even managed to go out to dinner last night without wanting (or missing) a drop.   Incredible!  I am absolutely stunned and cannot thank you enough.


I had struggled with performance issues that had plagued me for years.  I had a concert project coming up where I would be playing several solos, and for which I was feeling a combination of anxiety bordering on fear, as well as a lack of confidence. Though an accomplished player, my history ‘botching things up’  in front of people due to nerves held my career and creative expression hostage. I made an appointment with Annie to finally  address these issues, partly out of desperation regarding the upcoming performance and partly because I was ready to finally move forward; merely coping just wasn’t an option for me anymore.  After just one session with Annie, I was able to not only look forward to this project, and not only play brilliantly, but enjoy myself throughout the rehearsals and the concert!  Working with Annie, who is a truly sympathetic and intuitive listener with keenly astute instincts and insights has opened up new vistas for me both musically and personally, and for that I will always be grateful!”


Hi, Annie!
I met you when you a led an EFT seminar at The Learning Annex to stop smoking; and I haven’t smoked since that evening!! Amazing!!!.Thanks again for sharing your gifts and practice.


I have been haunted for 25 years by a fear that has kept me from succeeding in business and crept into virtually every part of my personal life which is the fear of speaking in public.  Yes, we all have some fear of public speaking, but nothing compared to my fear. It kept me up at night, it undermined my success, it conspired against me, it consumed me and I couldn’t do anything about it.  And I tried everything: Therapy, group therapy, public speaking classes, “Toastmasters”, acting classes, sales training classes, drugs, alcohol.  Everything.  For 25 years !!!!

And then I met Annie.

Annie taught me how to use EFT to zero in on the stress centers and release the energy and anxiety that was stifling my brain.  Most of the therapies did the opposite.  They focused on getting the brain to manage the anxiety, to reduce the fear by thinking logically about my problem, or by using rehearsal, and practice and practical thinking to see the fear for what it was – artifice.  But the problem for me was that the physical consumed the mental.  My anxiety was so severe that I could convince myself that the fear was illogical, that I was completely competent and knowledgeable the subject on which I was speaking, but then the body would take over.  It would paralyze me with anxiety and real physical pain : I blacked out, I’d feel nausea and worst of all, my anxiety was so severe before or during a speech  it would feel like someone was sticking a hot poker up my spine.  Try to think through that for the very first time, that I’ve finally gotten control over public speaking and I’m so much happier.  It’s the beginning of a whole new me.

Hunter Millington

Annie is extremely effective as a hypnotherapist. Her considerable professional skill and intuitive grace enable her to effect healing and improvement in several situations. In my own case, she helped me undertake a weight loss program that has been of enormous benefit to my well-being.
I have no hesitation in recommending this excellent professional to friends and colleagues who seek mastery over disabling habits and phobias.

Raphael Rothstein

Annie knows how to listen for the heart of the matter at hand. She focuses right in on the necessary approach to each situation. Her manner is direct, relaxed and reassuring. The treatment itself is astonishingly effective. She helped me feel calm, clear and energized for success in two very challenging work situations. I believe in Annie and recommend her highly. Susan Reimer-Torn, life and corporate coach, http://www.visibilityproject.com/

I’m doing GREAT Annie! I LOVE not smoking and it’s brought me back to my healthnut ways again, which of course feels fabulous. I listen to your Stop Smoking CD and I feel amazing afterwards. I plan to listen to it everyday for the rest of my life. I’ve recommended you to 3 people already!


Hi Annie,
Thanks for checking in with me, I’m still smoke free!!! 🙂  I’m feeling a lot better mentally and physically as well. Thank you for all your help and checking up on me!


Annie Siegel is an extraordinarily gifted energy psychology practitioner who is very comfortable in dealing with a wide variety of issues. In her own unique, compassionate and profoundly non-judgmental way, she helped me to heal my numerous issues with a gentle grace, including issues with my mother and partner, ongoing anxiety and depression, procrastination and lack of focus, sexual issues, and memories that simply did not want to leave. I now feel as though a tremendous weight has been lifted from me, and I am free to live my life with a new found love and acceptance of myself and others.  If you feel stuck in any area of your life, I encourage you to see Annie. She truly can help you to heal and find peace within yourself.

Liz Crefin

Dear Annie,
I just wanted to thank you for the sessions. I feel an amazing difference after working with you. I feel a lot more energy and less stress with the EFT. I feel invigorated. I’m grateful for discovering my “blocks of resistance” which I wasn’t aware of having. You were able to point things out in me that set off a lightbulb in my head. Now, I can work past that resistance and move forward. Thank you!


“Annie has a true gift and I’m eternally grateful to her that she is out there helping people – she changed my life, by opening my eyes and my heart.  She is loveliness personified.  I was blown away after my first session – a big weight in my life was permanently lifted and I walked out on air.  Whatever doesn’t serve you well, talk to Annie about it and she’ll help you leave it behind, for good.  One issue at a time.  I am truly amazed and grateful.”

Sarma Melngailis

When I came to Annie I was obsessed about food and exercising.  You see I have struggled with an eating disorder practically half of my life.  I was eating for the wrong reasons and was making wrong food choices.  For the first time ever I am allowing myself to eat 3 meals a day and to not obsess about what I have eaten.  I have tried every type of therapy and treatment available and Annie and EFT is the first to give me the power to change my habit.  I have never felt happier about myself and I am actually enjoying all the great things in my life.  I would recommend Annie to anyone that has struggled with an issue and wants to finally free themselves from it and move on!!


I started to visit Annie because of fear and heart pain. After the first session, I knew that I found the right person whom I can trust to find solutions of my problems. It took only couple of more sessions that I learned to accept the way I am and being more positive which I struggled until this point of my life. My fear and heart pain disappeared. One very important sentence Annie said to me during one of our sessions is “every moment is a new moment”. This sentence became a very important one within my life.  Given my great experience with Annie and EFT,  I started to recommend Annie to colleagues and friends.


For months I was unable to sleep in my own bed.  In just one session with Annie we were able to target the issue and get me to the other side of it.  Since then, I’m back in my bed and sleeping like a rock!  Without my session with  Annie I don’t think I would have been able to figure this out and work it through.


Annie! I haven’t had a cigarette since I walked out of your office!  I can’t believe what happened. I don’t even have a desire for one…
I have been a real smoker, and I know my personality and I’m very stubborn. I really
didn’t think that this could happen to me, but when I left, I didn’t have that anxiety…I felt a beautiful feeling of well-being.  I know that this experience has changed me in so many ways…Thank you so much.

M.A.K. New Hampshire

Just a note to say thank you.  My wife thanks you as well.  It’s truly amazing how you are able to help me realize what is really going on with my emotional blocks, and how quickly you are able to help me neutralize them.  My wife immediately noticed a difference in my appearance and outlook, and I slept better last night than I have in a month!


Annie knows how to listen for the heart of the matter at hand. She focuses right in on the necessary approach to each situation. Her manner is direct, relaxed and reassuring. The treatment itself is astonishingly effective. She helped me feel calm, clear and energized for success in two very challenging work situations. I believe in Annie and recommend her highly.

Susan Reimer-Torn, life and corporate coach, http://www.visibilityproject.com/

Annie Siegel has guided me to relief of chronic, often debilitating symptoms with the use of EFT and hypnotherapy. This easy and very effective technique has become a part of my daily ritual and the benefits do not seem to cease. I have seen dozens of MD’s for anxiety, excessive sweating, PMS, self-esteem/image issues and nothing has proved more effective than my work with Annie.  I feel more balanced and stable with a new confidence and peace that is allowing me to get out of my own way and really follow my dreams.  She is wise, intuitive and compassionate; a blessing in my life.

Caroline Priebe

Hi Annie,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me re-explore my dream! I just put together a playlist, and have been choreographing every day now, it’s awesome!
I’m loving it, and I’m so happy that I’m back on track! 🙂

Esther Hecht

With the first two sessions, you can’t imagine how much burden has come off of my heart!! I literally felt lighter the next day and felt like I’m breathing 10 times better than before. It felt like I just got rid of 100 lbs of baggage I’ve been carrying for the last 35 yrs. I’m starting to see things positively. I don’t even feel like going to my husband for hugs or intimacy like I used to (like an addict) until 10 days ago. I want to continue this growth and become emotionally independent.

Carol K

Hi Annie,

I just wanted to say thank you for your magical work! I don’t know how tapping works but its remarkable. I continue to feel better. Still dealing with my anxiety but the fear factor is greatly reduced. All thanks to you!

You are a blessing!  I can’t say thank you enough times!

With love and gratitude