Using EFT to clear old negative memories in childhood

It continues to amaze me how old negative memories from our childhood have such a tremendous impact on our psyche. It can stop and keep us stuck, frozen and paralyzed for a long time. People do function in their in their lives but there’s that “thing” that is blocking them from being all that they can be.

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The Importance of Being Specific with EFT

Many people call or email telling me they have been doing EFT for a while and can’t seem to get to the root of the problem. When you tap on and say “Even though I’m depressed, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”, the statement is too general. You can start from the body and just notice where in your body do you feel this depression. So if it’s in your stomach, what emotion is stuck there? Is it anger, hurt, pain, rejection or just wanting to give up?

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EFT and Senior Citizens

I had a great time this week doing EFT with my group of 20 senior citizens. They love EFT because it gives them more control of their life. For instance, one woman told me she gets up everyday facing her regrets and is depressed. She said that she’s too old to do anything. I asked what are some of your regrets and she said I should have been a model and I’m angry with myself that I didn’t follow through with that.

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Positive thoughts for your immune system

Are you feeling sluggish and just can’t pop out of bed in the morning? Do you know stress and psychological traumas from the past and present can cause chronic diseases like, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach problems, chronic fatigue, pains, sleepless nights, hopelessness and on and on.

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Attracting Abundance with EFT

I am getting so excited to assist Carol Look (my mentor) EFT Master at Omega Institute up in Rhinbeck NY in a couple of weeks. I have been at many of her Abundance workshops. I can tell you it is totally worth all the money and time as you will walk out having a new perspective on your life and you just might be ready to make some lifestyle changes that will move you forward in the direction you want to go.
Here is the link to check it out. It’s June 12-14. Attracting Abundance with EFT weekend with Carol Look

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How I got myself out of a sudden traumatic incident using EFT

Today, I was on the train as it was about to pull into Penn station here in NYC and an old big man suddenly falls on top of me and we fall to the floor. I didn’t know what hit me. It happened so fast. I noticed people were more concerned about the old man than me.

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