So today I was driving at 20 mph in the town I live in on a very busy road. The light was green for me and all of a sudden a man runs across the street against his “red light” and I hit him! I was in shock to say the least! He gets up and I roll down the window and say “are you alright?” He was asian and gives me the ok sign with his fingers and walks away leaving me in one of the biggest shocks of my life! I wait and watch him walking to see if he is really ok and it looked like he was. So I started tapping….

So there’s a couple of aspects here…
1-Shock I hit the guy
2-Shock that he was not using his common sense to cross one of the busiest streets against a red light
3-Shock that he got up gave me the ok sign and walked away

Set up Statement- What is your intensity scale 0-10 (0 no feeling 10 a lot of feeling)
Tap on side of hand

Even though I hit this guy and I’m in shock it looks like he is ok and I’m not, I love and accept myself anyway
Even though I’m in shock that I hit this guy and he just walked away, I accept my feelings
Even though I’m in shock that he walked away after being hit by my car, I deeply and completely accept myself

Eyebrow- this shock that I hit this guy
Side of Eye- this shock he ran across a busy street against a red light
Under the Eye- this shock he just got up gave me the ok sign and walked away
Under nose- All this shock, I’m not ok
Chin- all this shock he is ok
Collarbone-I can’t believe what happened?
Side of ribs-I’m in shock
Top of head- I’m in shock and lucky I’m ok and I hope he is ok

You can do a couple of rounds of shock until the numbers go down to zero

Take a deep breath and notice a shift of not as anxious about your shock