EFT Meridian Tapping Techniques

EFT Phone SessionsWhether it’s EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Matrix Reimprinting, Hypnotherapy, TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique), Psyche-K, Applied Kinesiology (Energy Testing) or anything else, it’s good to know we all have the ability to get back in control and feel better about ourselves. And I know some of you are hurting right now: relationships issues filled with anger, a sense of loss, sadness, depression, grief, guilt, and basically feeling unsafe in this world of uncertainty. Sometimes our lives become centered on our problems, instead of our joy and happiness. Ultimately, we feel cut off from who we truly are. We don’t feel good enough.


What Can I Expect from an EFT Tapping Session with Annie?

Annie Siegel Your Hypnotherapist and EFT Coach for the Heart and Soul

My Style of EFT Tapping

There are many styles of doing EFT Tapping and I have carved out my own style after many years. It’s definitely not mechanical. I have come to a place of trusting my intuition and going with it making each persons experience unique.

I have combined some of Gary Craig’s style (the founder) with Carol Look’s (a master) techniques and also Dr. David Lake and Steve Wells (PET) (Provocative EFT). People can go from feeling very emotional and thinking their world is doomed to laughing and realizing how silly it all is. Just bring your list and your heart and I will make sure to cover as much as we can in the time we spend together.

We’ve all experienced challenging times, painful events and traumas during our lifetime. We’ve adopted negative beliefs and patterns, often learned from our parents and elders that aren’t serving us. These events, limiting beliefs and patterns are what make us feel stuck. Even though we feel overwhelmed with emotions, a part of us doesn’t want to give up that we can create balance and get back to a place of feeling good about ourselves. We know we can be more than just our inner chatter.

Practicing EFT Tapping daily neutralizes the relentless chatter and installs empowering passionate feelings so you can create the changes you need to make your life work better for you.

Sometimes people call me and say ”Annie, I tried EFT Tapping on my own but I must be doing it wrong because it’s not working”. It’s hard to see how to get to the root cause of your issues from your own perspective. To better help you through this process of knowing how useful EFT can be in your life, this is where I come in to guide you to catapult your transformation.

EFT session with Annie Siegel

EFT session with Annie Siegel

When you decide to choose me as your practitioner, I will help you to have more confidence in the words you choose so that they match your feelings. I’ll ask you to bring me a bullet pointed list of emotional or physical issues that trouble you. I use this list when you come into my office and we tap on the ones that are most important for you. Together we create a synergy of rapport that allows an environment of safety and trust. At the end of the session, I give you a little homework that will support you to do EFT Tapping on your own with confidence.

How many EFT Tapping sessions will I need?

Everyone is different. Some people come weekly, some people come a couple of times a week, some monthly and some just want a couple of sessions to get them started. It all depends on how quickly you respond to EFT, and what your desires and needs are.