EFT Tapping Meetup Group Merrick, Long Island


 EFT Tapping Circle For Stress and Anxiety

(At this moment I am not holding groups at my office)


EFT Group

EFT Meridian Tapping Group

In this EFT Tapping Group, we will be focusing on organically ridding yourself from unnecessary Anxiety and Stress. So, if you feel stuck and find yourself putting things off because you feel overwhelmed, come tap and rant and get your excess emotional debris catered to  Together we will tap on your frozen and paralyzed fears, procrastination, guilt, shame, blame, trust issues, and “I’m not good enough”.

You will learn how to do EFT effectively for yourself, and you’ll also derive benefits by tapping with other people in the group who feel similar. This is called Borrowing Benefits. We establish at the beginning, safety in the group so we can feel comfortable with each other. In the group, everyone takes a turn expressing their own issues, and together we provide support for one another as those issues are heard and softened and gently dismantled in their own timing replaced with a sense of clarity.

If you can’t afford to come to a private session, then this EFT Tapping Group will be great for you! Why?

  • It’s more economical
  • You get lasting benefits by tapping on other people’s issues (borrowing benefits)
  • It’s simple and easy to do

You’ll be amazed how it can heal hidden issues you didn’t even realize you had!

“Interestingly, when you hold your intention on your own issue while tapping along with someone else, you will likely notice that the very issue you had, has subsided considerably, if not disappeared altogether. This is what is known as “borrowing benefits”. Keep an eye on this page for upcoming EFT Tapping Groups.

“Oh WOW!  That was such an AMAZING group!!!  So much energy flowing and stuff clearing and wow… Just WOW!  And you were sooooo intuitive and so connected…  Pure art… beautiful! 🙂  I am so happy I finally got to see one of your groups and experience the powerful  “borrowing benefits.”

What was also interesting for me was being in the same room with these people as they cleared their issues.  I’m not quite sure how to explain this, but it was so different from watching the same thing on video.  It must have had something to do with the energy in the room.

It felt somehow more real to me, and being among this group as you helped them clear their stuff one by one… somehow I started feeling less isolated in my own “stuff”, while I never realized I had felt that way at all before! ”

–Liz Crefin

My monthly EFT Tapping Groups have been quite a success! People leave this group having had amazing breakthroughs that allow them to make lasting lifestyle changes. It’s such a humbling feeling for me to watch people actually change their perspective in the moment and walk out with a complete shift in energy, like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

For a small contribution towards your healing of just $10 you might be pleasantly surprised how not only the issues you have brought with you for the evening are released, but through “Borrowing Benefits”, you may release hidden issues that you didn’t even know you had. When you tap along with others while previously setting an intention on what you want to release, you tap into the problems that we all have in common, such as stress, worries, fears, sadness, anger, and being “not good enough”, and gain the benefit of dismantling your own limiting beliefs and sabotage.

This group, just like all of my private sessions, is completely confidential. We will begin by creating a sense of safety in the group and go over the tapping points if you have never done EFT before.