EFT for Healing Traumatic Experiences

TRAUMA AND ABUSE Case histories

Damaris Drewry PhD, Gary Craig EFT, Robert Scaer MD discuss trauma in combat veterans

I can’t thank the power and beauty of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) enough that got me through a year of some very traumatic situations, and they were all happening at once. My mother was dying, my relationship ended and I had to move. When emotions would arise (and that would be pretty much everyday)… I used EFT every chance I got, walking my dog, in the shower, in the car, on the train and if I could remember, while on the computer. I was in high anxiety.

I started to call EFT my “best friend in the moment” tool. I have lots of friends but I didn’t like to burden them with all my overwhelming feelings every time I felt this way.

The beauty of EFT… It freed up my heart from so many feelings. Rather than stuff them down and feel angry, sad and depressed, I was able to acknowledge how I was feeling. And not only did I gain perspective; I felt better about myself and had more peace inside to make positive lifestyle changes.

EFT has a high success rate with Trauma and Abuse issues, especially when applied to specific events. A trauma, such as a car accident or being betrayed by a friend or lover, can have impacts that reach deep into our subconscious, sometimes causing behaviors or fears many years later.

Those behaviors or fears may at first seem unrelated to the old trauma that is actually driving them; however, when we look for core issues to current behavior, those old traumas can show themselves as being huge saboteurs in our lives. That’s why it’s good to work on them and let them go as soon as you can.

EFT surpasses anything else I know at this present time for releasing the negative emotions and hard to change behaviors from a specific trauma. It’s been my experience; the biggest obstacle to success in resolving traumas with EFT is people’s lack of specificity about the details or aspects of that trauma.

Sometimes, we just don’t want to remember the specifics. It’s too painful. If that’s true, we can use EFT by working with whatever we are able to, even if that information is very general. When we start off with general issues, sometimes that wonderful EFT journey will include remembering more specifics and sometimes it will not. We just work with what we have. When we do know specific details, it is best to do EFT on those details.

Check out the official EFT site for real case histories that have been resolved with EFT.

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