What is EFT TAPPING? (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

EFT TAPPING stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. The discovery behind this method is that emotional upsets are a result of an imbalance in the body’s energy system.

In essence, EFT Tapping is a psychological version of acupuncture except that we don’t use needles. Instead, we balance the body’s energy system by tapping with our fingertips on certain points on the body (face, hands, chest and head) along the energy meridians. Just a little note…I love the benefits of acupuncture and I recommend it when needed.

“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption or blockage in the body’s energy system.”—Gary Craig, the founder of EFT

How does it work?

Because we have been programmed to devalue and disempower ourselves, we become victims, not good enough, frail biological entities. What happened to our confidence, strength, and courage? Whose beliefs did we take on anyway? Who are we still listening to?

EFT TAPPING is a great way to take the edge off of how you are feeling in the moment. It works in amazing ways to clear uncomfortable feelings you might have, both emotionally and physically, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and pain. You can try it on just about anything. You can use it to optimize your emotional and physical health when you need it the most.

Aside from my own wonderful personal experiences with EFT TAPPING, many of my clients are making monumental changes in their lives using EFT TAPPING as their healing tool of choice. It is simple, effective and you can feel better within minutes. Check out my product page for beginners’ to advanced tappers. Gain confidence and ease tapping along with CD’s and DVD’s.

EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influencegene activity, health and behavior.”—Bruce Lipton, PhD, Author of The Biology of Belief

While staying focused on your problem, tapping with your fingertips on specific points on the face, head and chest, along with voicing how you feel, helps to clear out your emotional blockages, thus restoring your mind and body’s balance.

All the traumas in your life can accumulate on a cellular level.  When you tap on all the emotions related to those issues, your body dismantles the root of the problem and you  start to feel lighter and better about yourself. My clients say “it’s like a big weight has been lifted”.

We don’t know how this works but there is something about holding the toxic problem in the mind while tapping on the energy points that causes the shift and change in amazing ways.  As we all know, emotional health is absolutely essential to your physical health and healing … the two are inseparably linked.

Dr. Norman Shealy says: Every disease is a result of stress. People don’t know that the solution to getting well from stress and anything else is not necessarily to take a drug or medication. Many people take anxiety medication, sleeping pills, blood pressure pills and so much more and still don’t feel good. Is that really our solution?

How will EFT TAPPING help me?

When your energy gets blocked, it can show up as fears, phobias, anger, hurt, grief, anxiety, depression, trauma, worry, guilt, and other restricting emotions that also contribute to physical problems . By doing EFT tapping with your fingertips on key acupressure points, you balance your energy and clear the roadblocks. It’s that simple!

Because EFT TAPPING is so quick and easy to do, and I get such great results. I call EFT TAPPING my “best friend in the moment” tool. Being an EFT Practitioner is so wonderful because it helps me take the edge off any anxiety, fears, worries I feel in the moment. It allows me to breathe better and embrace clarity. It helps me get back on track with my life by focusing on what’s really important. I’m able to let go of regrets, forgive myself and others, and focus on the things I need to get done instead of the mental chatter that doesn’t serve me. When you really understand how this works, you too will be able to take control and feel so much better about yourself.

“If you have been traumatized in a second… Why can’t you be healed in a day, an hour, a minute?”—Rick Wilkes

Thinking sets in motion everything in the body. Are you paralyzed by your fear a lot of the time? Does it control you? It’s your subconscious that needs to get reprogrammed. Remember those accumulations of traumas? So by focusing on the fear and tapping on these certain meridian points on the body, you can get rid of these old fears so that it doesn’t run you anymore. You can then transform your fears to positive affirmations.

When you do this, you end up in this place of clarity and peace. I have clients who say after a few rounds of EFT TAPPING, they can’t feel their fear anymore. And I say let’s go find it. It must be somewhere! Smiling, they say it’s gone. I had a client who had fear in her throat and we tapped on certain issues and the fear moved to her chest and we tapped more and it moved to her gut and we tapped more and it moved onto her back. The fear was literally holding her on her back and as we tapped she talked to that fear and it jumped off her back. I asked, “Is it gone?” and she said, “It’s gone!” We laughed hysterically!

So just to go over this one point, EFT TAPPING helps you rewire your old emotional patterns/beliefs so that you are no longer triggered in painful ways. It is literally emotional freedom to feel different, lighter, less burdened by the past, less susceptible to reacting with painful emotion. It is so simple to learn and it’s a tool to use for the rest of your life!

Why learn EFT from a Professional?

Many people have told me they tried EFT TAPPING and they can’t seem to get the benefits on their own. I teach you how to use your own words to express your emotions while you’re tapping. Sometimes at the beginning you’re not able get to the core/root issue that keeps you stuck without someone who has been trained that can help you through it.

That’s why it’s so nice to have a EFT PRACTITIONER to get you started. I have helped many of my clients understand how they are feeling and sometimes they discover feelings that they didn’t even know they still had. We can then move through it with ease, it’s like a load of lifelong toxic waste has been removed.

“The electrical system in a persons body would make the
electrical system in a super computer look like an absolute toy.”—Bob Proctor

EFT is an ongoing “art” for me. The more I use it, the more I create my own “Art of Delivery” with my words. I still get blown away how my intuition flows through me. And you can too! It’s amazing how creative you can be when you are in the flow and trust your intuition.

To get you started, I recommend you go to my product page. It’ll give you a good start in understanding how to do EFTCarol Look has a wide selection of CD’s, DVD’s and books, which are a valuable aid in perfecting the art of delivery.

If you’d like to learn EFT TAPPING from a seasoned practitioner and want help sooner, then give me a call and we can set up a FREE 20-minute consultation on the phone. Our first session will be 90-minutes. Each session after that is one hour. You can choose to come to my office, or do a session on Skype (video conferencing) or on the phone. EFT TAPPING will be equally beneficial whether we are doing our session in person or remotely. You will get the same results.

So whether you want to work on your self-esteem, free yourself from food cravings, sleep better, eliminate physical or emotional pain, give me a call at 917.847.0426 or email me at Annie@roadtoemotionalfreedom.com and we can talk about it.

NOTE: EFT is relatively new to the world of preventative health and mind/body modalities. Potential users may wonder if there are any scientific experiments and studies that help validate EFT’s benefits. So I would like to point you to www.EFTuniverse.com. There are other studies and experiments that show amazing results provided there. Even if you need no convincing of EFT’s effectiveness before trying it out, there are some fascinating results to be read there.

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