How many times do you say to yourself…

“I haven’t accomplished anything…I feel like a failure” or “I wasted my time taking care of my family when I could of been doing more?”

My experience working with people who think they should of done more and what they did was not good enough, devalues them.  I have been a hairdresser, a massage therapist, a movement expression teacher, a jewelry designer, and now a Hypnotherapist and Energy Psychology Practitioner doing EFT and other magical modalities.

Although I am not a millionaire, I can honestly say I am a success. Everything I’ve done, came from my heart and it’s because it’s what I chose to do that I feel accomplished.  No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to start a new career as long as your heart is in it. Here’s a great tapping script from the wonderful Brad Yates that can address this feeling of not been accomplished.

 Tapping Transcription: I Devaluate My Accomplishments
Side of the Hand:
Even though I devaluate my accomplishments,
I choose to love and accept myself.
Even though I don’t appreciate myself enough,
I choose to love and forgive myself.
Even though I don’t really value myself
or at least not my accomplishments…
because I think I should be doing better
and I’m not pleased with my results.
And I’m not even sure
at what level
I can be pleased with my results.
So even though I don’t appreciate myself,
I choose to deeply and completely
love and forgive and accept myself
and anyone else
who taught me to be this way.
Eyebrow Point: I’m not appreciating myself.
Side of the Eye: I’m not appreciating my accomplishments.
Under the Eye: As far as I’m concerned,
Under the Nose: I’m just not doing good enough.
Under the Mouth: I’m not doing enough.
Collarbone: All this need
Under the Breast: to point that out to myself.
Under the Arm: All this need
Top of the Head: to be shaking my head at myself
EB: saying, “That’s just not good enough.”
SE: You need to try harder.
UE: You need to do better.
UN: You can’t feel good about yourself yet.
UM: You haven’t earned it yet.”
CB: All this feeling
UB: that I haven’t earned my own respect
UA: that I haven’t done well enough yet.
TH: I need to do better.
EB: And I can’t feel good until I do.
SE: And how good is good enough?
UE: When will it be good enough?
UN: Will it ever?
UM: And what happened in my childhood
CB: that convinced me
UB: that it was never going to be good enough?
UA: And if I did something well,
TH: I better do better the next time.
EB: And as long as I’m thinking
SE: about how I successfully keep breathing,
UE: how about if I consider this…
UN: If I take a breath of air in
UM: and I successfully get oxygen into my lungs,
CB: does my next breath have to be deeper?
UB: How do I improve on that?
UA: All this need for each success to be bigger.
TH: How am I going to do that with breathing?
EB: Because I can’t keep taking deeper and deeper breaths
SE: Each breath I take
UE: is successful.
UN: Sometimes it’s deeper.
UM: sometimes it’s not quite so deep.
CB: It’s as deep as it needs to be
UB: And so it’s successful.
UA: Sometimes I need to jump a really high bar.
TH: Sometimes the bar is not going to be so high
EB: and that’s okay.
SE: I choose to acknowledge
UE: that I’m getting done what I need to get done.
UN: It doesn’t always have to be bigger.
UM: It doesn’t always have to be harder.
CB: I don’t need to struggle.
UB: I can relax and enjoy my success.
UA: I can appreciate myself.
TH: I’ve come a long way.
EB: I’ve had more successes than I can count.
SE: Too often,
UE: I count the times I haven’t felt successful.
UN: Or at least I’ve told myself I wasn’t successful.
UM: So I’m afraid that’s how I am.
CB: When I think of the Law of Attraction,
UB: I’m afraid of what I’ll attract,
UA: because I look at what I call failures,
TH: not even realizing
EB: that in the big picture
SE: those will someday look like successes.
UE: I’m always being successful.
UN: It just doesn’t always look like it.
UM: But if I really look,
CB: there are plenty of things I’m doing
UB: that are obvious successes.
UA: I don’t need to compare them to anyone else’s.
TH: I don’t even need to compare them to my own successes.
EB: When I take a breath
SE: and I get the oxygen I need to keep living,
UE: I don’t need to say to myself,
UN: “Well it wasn’t as deep as the one I took a few minutes ago.”
UM: I choose to acknowledge myself for successfully breathing.
CB: And I keep moving forward
UB: allowing more success.
UA: Allowing myself to appreciate myself
TH: because if I’m not appreciating myself,
EB: I’m depreciating myself.
SE: If I’m not valuing myself,
UE: I’m devaluing myself.
UN: And I’m letting go of any need to do so.
UM: Maybe in my past
CB: someone told me
UB: or somehow taught me
UA: that if I valued myself,
TH: I might lose motivation.
EB: Or that I simply wasn’t deserving of valuing myself
SE: And I choose to know
UE: that that person didn’t know what they were talking about.
UN: They thought they did,
UM: and they were doing the best they could,
CB: but they were wrong.
UB: I’m a magnificent child of God.
UA: I choose to love myself.
TH: I choose to appreciate myself
EB: because I’m worthy and deserving of that
SE: And I am being successful
UE: hundreds of times each day.
UN: And I choose to appreciate that about myself.
UM: I may have once thought
CB: that devaluing my success
UB: would motivate me to greater success
UA: and I’m letting go of that.
TH: I can watch the Olympics.
EB: I can see people achieve success.
SE: They throw their arms up in the air
UE: and they get really excited.
UN: And they don’t say,
UM: “Oh, I could have done better.”
CB: They might say so at some point,
UB: but they also acknowledge their achievement.
UA: Even the people who don’t get medals
TH: often acknowledge the fact
EB: that they made it into the Olympics,
SE: and that’s a great achievement.
UE: And they’re the happiest ones,
UN: which makes them the biggest winners.
UM: The happier I am
CB: the more successful I am.
UB: And the more happy I am,
UA: the more success I achieve.
TH: And I’m joyfully allowing greater success
EB: and allowing myself to acknowledge it.
SE: I’m loving myself.
UE: I’m acknowledging myself
UN: right here in this moment.
UM: Releasing fear and doubt.
CB: Knowing that as I love and appreciate myself,
UB: I attract even greater success;
UA: even greater health, wealth, and happiness
TH: in body, mind, and spirit.
Take a deep breath… and a drink of water.