How many of you reach for a cookie and say to yourself “I shouldn’t be eating this cookie” but eat it anyway?  And that one cookie turns into maybe 4-6 cookies or the whole box?  Then you feel lousy and feel sick to your stomach.  You are depressed.

What are you medicating?  What are you not addressing that is eating you up inside?  You didn’t even want the cookie but you needed that oral satisfaction for some kind of compensation… the pain from all the loss in your life…all the wasted time…all the unhealthy choices you made in your life.

Many of you are juggling work with taking care of a family, cooking, supporting a household and giving so much of your energy to other people and don’t feel appreciated. Is this burden of responsibility causing overwhelming anxiety for you?  Maybe you’re just bored and waiting for someone to come into your life so you don’t have to be alone anymore?  Does this resonate with you?

So to be alone with that cookie/cookies, doesn’t really satisfy “the lack of” space.

But what if… you allowed more space inside yourself to be filled up with deep appreciation for just the human being that you are? Appreciation that you have feelings and that you are doing the best you can for this moment given all your knowledge and experience in your life?  Hmmm…interesting how we never appreciate ourselves for the things we HAVE done that we’re proud of. We only look at what we failed at.

Now getting back the the symbol of the cookie…

Take a cookie in your hand and smell it and on a 0 (don’t want it)-10 (you really want the cookie) point scale measure the intensity

Now put the cookie down

Tap on the Karate Chop Point (side of hand)

Even though I want this cookie and I’m not hungry but I’m bored, I love and accept myself anyway”
Even though I don’t really want this cookie and I feel guilty that I’m about to eat it, I accept who I am and how I feel”
Even though my truth in this moment is I don’t really care, I’m going to eat it anyway, and that’s ok with me, no one is watching, I accept and love myself anyway”

Tapping Points

Eyebrow– I feel guilty eating this cookie
Side of eye– I shouldn’t feel guilty
Under the eye– But I do
Under the nose– Do I really want this cookie? No one is watching
Chin-I feel anxious cause I know I will regret it
Collarbone– Don’t tell me not to eat this cookie
Top of head– I know I’m going to want another one

Close your eyes and take a D-e-e-p  B-r-e-a-t-h

Rate your intensity 0-10     Notice the shift

Even though a part of me wants this cookie, I choose to make a healthier choice”
Even though a part of me really wants this cookie, the truth is I’m not hungry”
Even though I just want comfort right now, I choose to make a comfortable healthier choice”

Eyebrow– A part of me wants this cookie
Side of eye– It’s never satisfying enough
Under the eye– I’m not hungry
Under the nose– What if the truth is, that it’s not the cookie I want?
Chin– I don’t really want this cookie
Collarbone-I choose to release this pressure that I have to eat this cookie
Side of ribs– It feels soooo much better releasing the pressure
Top of Head– the truth is I don’t want this cookie and it feels good to get back on track!

Close your eyes and take a d-e-e-p b-r-e-a-t-h…

Measure again on intensity scale and notice if the numbers went down. Keep tapping if they are staggering until you make the right choice for you.