“It’s hard to have a Healthy Relationship”

Side of the Hand:

Even though a big part of me thinks “It’s hard to have a healthy relationship” because you know what happened last time I choose to accept myself anyway

Even though I know I always attract the wrong one, why should I try again, I choose to forgive myself no matter what.
Even though I’ve made mistakes in the past and I don’t trust myself now and that’s why it’s scary to take a chance, I’m just going to accept who I am and how I feel right now. 

Eyebrow Point: It’s hard…I’m afraid to take a chance

Side of the Eye: It’s hard…I know I’m not going to get it right

Under the Eye: the holdings this fear has on me

Under the Nose: Maybe it’ll be a mistake and then I’ll regret it?
Chin: But I’m so unhappy and alone.
Collarbone: I always get it wrong
Under the Arm: When am I going to get it right? I really screwed up in the past
Top of the Head: I’m still hurtTake a deep breath and check your emotional intensity number 0-10
Continue down the points

EB: So afraid to trust myself, I never had a healthy relationship

SE: I’m still hurt and I blame myself

UE: Do I still have to punish myself?
UN: I should of done it better
CH: That was my emotional capacity then
CB: Maybe I learnt from that relationship?
UA: Can I take those lessons?
TH: And create healthy boundaries?


EB: I should of not wasted all that time
SE: What if I can let go a little of this guilt, blame and shame?
UE: What if I can possibly forgive whoever needs to be forgiven in my own timing?
UN: But being alone is safe
CH: Don’t ask me to take another chance opening my heart
CB: I’m afraid I won’t know my boundaries
UA: So sorry I have to stay where I am
TH: Or do I?


EB: It’s up to me to change my life
SE: No body is looking out for my well being but me
UE: How about if I consider this…
UN: I might even give myself permission to be open a little
CH: I know…it’s up to me
CB: I know I would be a happier person
UA: I remember times when I was happier
TH: I remember a time when my heart would sing


EB: What if I can take a baby step
SE: Surprise myself and take a bigger step
UE: Haven’t I suffered enough?
UN: I might even surprise myself
CH: It happens for others…isn’t it my turn?
CB: This is exhausting, I choose to release my resistance, let it go, let it go, let it go
UA: I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and let go of my own resistance
TH: Thank you EFT and universe for giving me the strength and courage I need to love myself and know I deserve to be loved!

Take a deep breath… and take a sip of water. Notice your shift! Check your intensity scale. Keep doing this until the numbers go down.