If your like me, and you fall into a slump on and off, it would benefit you to tap on this statement with EFT:

“I know what to do, now why am I not doing it?”

Remember before you start, it’s better to be specific about what you want to focus on. Ex: working out, get taxes done, write a newsletter, look for a job, stop using food to numb feelings, physical clutter.

Say the statement “I know what to do, now why am I not doing it?” Use the intensity scale 0-10 to check in how you feel about the issue 0=no charge on the issue 10=so true.

Tap on Karate Chop Point

Even though I know what to do, now why am I not doing it, I love and accept myself anyway”

Even though I know what to do, I’m just lazy and I’m so disappointed in myself, I accept who I am and how I feel”

Even though I’m lazy and I know the action I need to take to get this done, I accept all of my feelings”

Tap on the following points

Eyebrow– “I’m so lazy”

Side of Eye-“I’ve wasted so much time”

Under Eye-“I feel foolish, cause I know what to do”

Under Nose-“Time is so valuable to me”

Chin-“I know what to do to get get myself started”

Collarbone-“And I can’t do what it takes”

Sides of ribs-“Wasting my time not doing what I need to do”

Top of Head-“I know what to do and how to do it!”

Take a deep breath and slowly let it out

Check your intensity scale 0-10

Even though I know what to do and I’m lazy, I look forward to the possibility of change.”

Even though I’ve be lazy for a long time…too long, it’s time to shift that consciousness now”

Even though I have known how to do what I need to do and haven’t done it yet, it’s time to stop wasting time and change this now”

Tap on the following points

Eyebrow– “I’ve been lazy too long”

Side of Eye-“Who would I be if I got this task done?”

Under Eye-“I would feel like I accomplished something, and that would feel great!”

Under Nose-“But I’m so lazy

Chin” No I’m not, I’ve gotten lots of things done in my life”

Collarbone-“If I could do all those things, and boy I can’t believe all that I’ve done…those milestones

Side of Ribs-“I can do this!!!”

Top of Head-” I can do this…yes I can!”

Take a deep slow breath

Check in with how you feel and check your intensity scale. The numbers will slowly drop down as you continue to tap. And ideally, you want to to go down to a zero and start tapping on your accomplishments.

If you need help, please contact me annie@roadtoemotionalfreedom.com